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Reiki for animals/Reiki pour les animaux


treatments and training workshops available/seances et formations disponibles


energy healing for animals to balance energy, well being, relaxation, stress relief and anxiety reduction


'reiki is the life force energy that flows through every living thing.'

Le reiki est une méthode japonaise holistique pour équilibrer l'énergie, le bien-être, la relaxation, le soulagement du stress et la réduction d'anxiété. Toutes les espèces animales sont donc susceptibles de recevoir et d'apprécier une séance Reiki.


Reiki is a holistic Japanese method for balancing energy, well being, relaxation, stress relief and anxiety reduction. Reiki is suitable for all animals and all living things. All animals can receive and appreciate a reiki session.  

Reiki can be relaxing and helpful at any times your animal is suffering from stress and anxiety and needs a well being boost. It is a gentle and non invasive technique, and the session will always respect and be led and guided by the animal.


Reiki can be useful to maintain well being or if your animal is stressed or traumatised, suffers from anxiety, is an adopted or rescued animal, recovering from an illness or injury and at the end of life to support a peaceful transition. Reiki is a great way of bonding and building trust with your animal too.


As well as offering reiki treatments here at De Tout Coeur Limousin, you can also learn how to become a reiki practitioner yourself with our one day reiki training workshops (Usui reiki level 1 - master-teacher level). Reiki is simple to learn, and no prior experience is necessary.


I specialise in working with dogs and cats, and have experience working with adopted and traumatised rescue animals.


I can also offer a mobile service if necessary, for larger animals (e.g. horses, farm animals) or pets and animals that are unable to travel.


For more information about our reiki treatments and/or training workshops please get in touch to discuss your requirements. and I will be very happy to help.


I look forward to sharing reiki with you and your animals soon.

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animal reiki session

45€ per hour


mobile reiki session

please get in touch for a quote and to discuss your requirements


reiki workshops

available by appointment

more information about our reiki training here

How can reiki help my animal?

reiki flows through all living things animal reiki