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Singing lessons, vocal coaching & group singing workshops at De Tout Coeur Limousin

Peter Evans - vocal coach, singing teacher, group facilitator, singer & songwriter


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Bespoke group singing workshops are suitable for all ages and types of group. Including family and friends, workplaces, associations, charities, wedding parties and special occasions. Fun singing workshops at dates and times available to suit you throughout the year.



We will help you create your own bespoke workshops suitable for your group. Whether you want to sing pop and rock classics, folk songs, world music or meditation mantras - please get in touch to find out more. information and to book your bespoke singing workshop.

Bespoke group singing workshops

Individual singing lessons & vocal coaching


1st consultation lesson €15 includes FREE vocal exercise CD


€35 per hour for individual lessons


€45 for 2 people


Please contact for larger group/choir vocal coaching

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Group Singing Lessons

NEW Course starting on 28 January

Why choose group singing lessons?

Singing is good for you! Build confidence, meet new people and sing in a fun, friendly and supportive group. Whether improving our health and wellbeing, expressing the creativity we all have, or 'feeling the fear and doing it anyway', there are so many good reasons to sing.



In your group singing lessons you will learn and develop good vocal technique, working with the breath, diaphragm, pitch, tone and vocal control. You will sing a variety of musical styles from pop, rock and show tunes to punk, folk...and everything in between!


"When you sing, musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape. Group singing, for those who have done it, is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. It takes something incredibly intimate, a sound that begins inside you, shares it with a roomful of people and it comes back as something even more thrilling: harmony. So it’s not surprising that group singing is on the rise."

credit: singing changes your brain



Who are the group singing lessons suitable for?

Whether an absolute beginner or a more experienced singer all abilities are welcomed. Singing is for everyone. So even if you haven't sung since school or only sing in the shower this is for you too!


There is no need to read music, as all songs will be taught by ear. The only requirement is a curiosity to explore your voice and creativity.


Peter has taught everyone from chart stars and professional musicians to those who think they are tone deaf and can't/won't sing. He works holistically and sensitively with the emotional blocks and negative inner voices people can have that stop them from finding and using their voice, and reaching their full potential.




4 week course starting Tuesday 28 January

19h30 - 20h45


Join us 10 minutes before the start of the lesson for a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake.


De Tout Coeur Limousin


23460 Royere de Vassiviere




35 for the 4 week course

includes FREE vocal exercise CD